Why Celsus?

Celsus (Aulus Cornelius Celsus, 25 BCE – 50) was a Roman scholar and philosopher. He is the author of the encyclopedic work Artes, of which he has devoted eight books to medicine (De Medicina). Supporter of Hippocrates.

De Medicina, the work of Celsus, is still awe-inspiring and has been a confirmation of effectiveness in massage therapy for centuries. Celsus systematized and wrote down key body responses in response to stimuli of specific massage holds. Interestingly, we still use these mechanisms in massage.

When the office was established and the question of the name was resolved, the matter was obvious: CELSUS.

In the everyday work with patients, learning and teaching massage, history is important for Michał, the creator of the CELSUS office and Academy. It helps to understand and incorporate some ideology, the art of working with the body, specific techniques or methods into practice and everyday work. Michał admits that he thinks about the history and different cultures in massage, its similarities and differences every time he performs the procedure.

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